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« on: January 21, 2011, 04:48:48 AM »

This is the quest someone has to complete in order to add a subclass.

First, to take this quest u have to be 75 lvl and to already have taken supplier of reagents quest.

Items u will need: 100 moonstone, 10 volcanic ash and 2 quicksilver.

- Go to IV (ivory tower) at 3rd floor and talk to magister Ladd.
- He will ask u some pure silver
- Now go to the basement floor area to mixing urn and use these formulas to make pure silver. (10 moonstone+1 volcano ash= 1 moondust / 10 moondust+1 quicksilver=1 lunargent / 1 lunargent+1 quicksilver=1 puresilver) In order to make these set temperature at 1 degree
- Now tke pure silver at Ladd. He will ask u some true gold
- Talk to magister Joan at 2nd floor. She will sent u at Filed of Silence to hunt Chimera Piece to get 1 stone of wisdom.
- When u get it go back to magister Joan and get the true gold
-Now talk again to Ladd.He will tell u to go Anthara's Lair and hunt Bloody Guardians to get Blood Fire(these are just after Kariks and they drop at the person that does last hit..Be careful cause when u hit one 2 more mobs attack u. )
-Visit Ladd again he will tell u to combine these.
-Go underground again at mixing urn and put first the pure silver then the true gold and set temperature at 3. Blood fire is combined automatically.
-Now u have mimir's elixir(Dont try use it it bugs the quest)
-Visit Ladd and u will be able to add a subclass


MIMIR'S ELIXIR , lineage youtube, lineage final

MIMIR'S ELIXIR , lineage youtube, lineage final]
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