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Author Topic: Wild Beast Pastures Spoil Guide  (Read 17124 times)
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« on: February 06, 2013, 10:29:47 PM »

Because someone asked for a S80 spoil guide, I decided to make a guide of Beast Farm (aka Wild Beast Pastures) - I'll be referring to it as BF.

BF is a high-level grinding zone. You can port there using Rune's Gatekeeper (Wild Beast Pastures port). It's organized in some small farms, mostly consisting of 2 aggressive mobs + several baby monsters.

BF has 6 kind of mobs: Kookaburras, Buffalos, Cougars, Grendels, Beast Devourer and Farm Bandits. The last 2 are aggressive but easy to kill.
The first 4 mobs have different stages, meaning you can feed them and they'll change to bigger and stronger form, giving different kind of spoil and drops.

The stages are: Baby (Kookaburra) -> Young (Kookaburra) -> Adult (Kookaburra) -> FullGrown (Kookaburra)
On the last stage, there's a chance of transforming them into "trained" pets, which are not spoilable, nor give any drop.

The trained ones will follow you, and consume, from time to time, some of the food from your inventory. If you have a Beast Handler's Whip, you'll be able to get some buffs from them. If you are there to spoil, i'd consider killing them. They can be pretty annoying.

Food can be purchased in BF, on NPCs called "Feed Seller". There are a few of them across the fields.
There are 2 kinds of food: Golden Spice (yellow bags) and Crystal Spice (white bags) which will have different uses.

If you use Golden Spice on kookaburras, Cougars, Buffalos and Grendels, they will evolve into mobs for Moirai/Icarus and some Vesper recipes, keymats and other materials. They won't give much experience/Adena, but it's probably the fastest way of farming S80 in L2.
But if you decide to use Crystal spice, they will evolve into experience mobs; they won't give you drops/spoils, but the experience is actually pretty good.

When coming to farm into Beast Farm, i would consider bringing someone with you, so you spoil much faster. Monster here have resistance  against Spear weapons and weakness against short-range physical damage. This said: if you have some friends willing to help you  spoil, i'd say bring some aoe fighter classes, such as Gladiators and tyrants, so you can handle some trains.

Spoiling in BF: Now, always remember you need GOLDEN SPICE to farm Moirai/Icarus recipes/key mats. You can buy boxes called "Golden Spice Crate" which will give you 50 Golden Spice bags every time you open them. They can also give you some special bags, with different effects (like transforming the mob into his last stage directly).

Baby Stage mobs will give you Jewelry Moirai recipes+keymats:

Young Stage mobs will give you Boots, Gauntlets, Gloves, Shoes, Leather Gloves and Leather Boot recipes+keymats:

Adult Stage mobs will give you Main armor/Bottom recipes+keymats:

Fullgrown Stage mobs will give you Icarus Weapons/Vesper Weapons/Vesper Armor Recipes+keymats:

Beast Devourers and Farm Bandits: Unlike the baby mobs, these ones are agressive, and they give some nice amount of damage/aoes.
Most people ignore them, by killing them without spoiling, but as you can see, they also give Moirai recipes and keymats, therefore they should also be spoiled.

I hope I helped you with this tutorial! Let me know if there's any other kind of guide you people might be interest in *_*

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Really usefull Smiley Thanks!
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