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Author Topic: A Wondrous Cubic - Free Enchants & other stuff!  (Read 6300 times)
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A Wondrous Cubic

Quest Name: “A Special Order” (lvl: 40+)
NPC: Helvetia (Giran's Grocery)
One time quest
Reward: Wondrous Cubic

The Wondrous Cubic is an item that will stay on your inventory (you cannot trade, drop nor sell it). Everyday, you will able to open it and get an item from it. You will mostly get Cubes and Shiny Cubes that, depending on which one you get, can be used to buy enchants. Example: if you get a Cube Fragment Armor A, you'll be able to buy an Enchant armor A-grade. The item you get is completely random, and can go from D-grade to S-grade. To buy an enchant, just speak with any warehouse keeper and click on: “Wondrous Cubic”.

Here's a list of enchants you can obtain, and their price (cube + adena):

The quest for the wondrous cubic is really easy. Start it in Giran's Grocery Store. She has 2 different kinds of mission, and the one you'll get is completely random. If you get the one you don't want to do, just abort the quest and restart it.

•   One of them consists on fishing. Helvetia will ask you to speak with O'Fulle, Giran's fisherman, also inside the grocery store. O'Full will ask you to fish the following: 10x Orange Nimble Fish, 10x Orange Ugly Fish and 10x Orange Fat Fish.
If you have never fished before, here's what you gotta do: learn “Fishing” (just 1 lvl) and the “Fishing Expertise” skill to lvl 14. Fishing Expertise lvl defines the kind of fish you'll get. In this case, u need orange fish (not small orange nor big orange). Then, learn Pumping and Reeling, also to 14. Buy a fishing pole, and like 40 Green Colored Lure, 40 Yellow and 40 Purple (each one of them has a higher chance of catching a specific kind of fish: nimble, fat or ugly). You should also accept the “Quest for Fishing Shot” that will give you fishing shots (Captain Obvious! Cheesy).
You'll only be able to fish outside the city, and I recommend HotSprings to fish!

•   As for the other mission, it will require some Seeding. Warehouse Chief Gesto (Giran's Warehouse) will ask you for manor seeds: 40x Thorn Cobols (lvl 35-45), 40x Golden Cobols (lvl 38-48)  and 40x Great Cobols (lvl 41-51).
If you have never used Manor System previously, here's what you need to do: start by choosing an area where to kill mobs. As you can see, the seeds you need are around lvl 40-50, so you should use a char around that level. Then, depending on the place you chose to kill mobs (mobs should be around the seed's lvl), buy the seeds at that territory (example: if you are going to hunt mobs in the cemetery, buy your seeds in Aden, since they'll only work in Aden territory). Buy an harvester too. Each seed gives you more than 1 fruit, so just buy like 30 each seeds and you'll be fine.

Once you've got all the Quest Items (no matter which mission you chose), go back to the NPC that asked you for the items and then, back to Helvetia. She will give you your Wondrous Cubic.

Hope I could be useful with this tutorial!

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