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Author Topic: Olympia [x15] High Five - Referral links system  (Read 382 times)
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The referral system is an invitation system in which new and existing players receive bonuses for achieving certain goals in the game.
The system is aimed at attracting new players to RPG-Club "Russia" servers and rewarding existing players for advertising and promoting the project.
Attention! The system of referral links is not suitable for the leveling twinks additional characters: when registering using their own link, as well when players have shared access to an account - bonuses are automatically lost!


100 RUR on account to both you and the player who registered following your link and completed 3rd class change.
150 RUR on account to both you and the player who registered following your link and reached Noblesse status.


Bonuses are accured directly to your account, and not to the character ingame.
Bonuses are given one time to every account registered following an individual promo-link.
When a character is transferred from another account it doesn't reveive class change bonuses.
If access to accounts participating in the promotion is shared, bonuses are automatically lost.
The administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties due to the placement of your advertisement / individual links on third-party resources.
Bonus system rules and restrictions are subject to change.
All questions and messages about errors in the operation of the bonus system should be directed to


You can generate the link in your account control panel on site

Olympia [x15] High Five - Referral links system , lineage lin, lineage 2 x10

After you create the link, you'll be able to see it and the statistic of received bonuses on the same page.


Why do this?

First, not only you get RUR, but also every new player who comes through your invitation gets RUR.
Secondly, you attract new players and ensure a long life for the server.
Thirdly, the more players you bring, the more interesting the game gets!

How to promote it efficiently?
Better invite people on resources related to Lineage 2, similar MMORPGs, or people you used to play with.

Where can I advertise RPG-Club?

1. Stream
Add link into description of your game stream on Twitch or Youtube and post it to your stream's chat (add to nightbot schedule).

2. Skype, Discord etc.
Send invitations to groups and people you used to play with.

3. Social media
Look for groups and communities about Lineage 2, MMORPG, clan pages.

4. Torrents
Create a thread with High Five part 5 game client (you can get in on our website), add your referral link in the description along with information about bonuses people can get through registration with it.
Add a comment to an existing Lineage 2 HF client thread with your referral link and information about bonuses.

5. Announcers
Add your link to announcers (even less-visited, but about Lineage 2), where it's possible for already launched servers.

6. Forums
Post invitation with your referral link and information about bonuses on forums dedicated to Lineage 2, MMORPG and games in general.

Useful information for your advertising

Server banners

[url=YOUR LINK][img][/img][/url]
Olympia [x15] High Five - Referral links system , lineage lin, lineage 2 x10

Text examples

Follow the link, register and get 250 RUR on the new HighFive[x15]!
***Your referral link***

New server RPG-Club x15 + 250 RUR for free - follow the link below!
***Your referral link***

Want 250 RUR on RPG-Club [x15]?
Follow the link:
***Your referral link***

Olympia [x15] PTS High Five!
250 RUR bonus to new players!
***Your referral link***


When registering using other player's referral link you'll see a message about it under imput fields.
If you don't see this message it means the registration doesn't participate in the campaign and you won't get any bonuses.
After successful registration, bonus statistics will be available for both accounts in control panel on site.

Olympia [x15] High Five - Referral links system , lineage lin, lineage 2 x10
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