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Author Topic: "Happy Birthday, RPG-Club!" - CONTEST 2022  (Read 334 times)
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« on: August 01, 2022, 09:50:00 AM »

Dear friends!

On September 1, 2022 RPG-Club "Russia" celebrates its 15th Birthday!
On this occasion we announce our traditional creative contest!
The entries are accepted in the following categories:

1. Congratulatory poem
Format: Birthday congratulations addressed to RPG-club "Russia", its administration and players in the form of a poem.
A mention of RPG-Club "Russia" and its age - 15 years - is very welcome in the text of the poem.
Please note that official addres of the Club is now

2. Birthday card art
Format: birthday greeting card for RPG-Club. It should be a traditional or digital art in any technique and manner.
Please note that entries with official art, other people's fanart, ingame screenshots are not accepted in this category.
The name of RPG-Club "Russia" and/or its logo must be present on the creation. This should be a part of it, and not added to the photo (in the case of traditional art) in a graphic editor.

3. Birthday cake

Format: For your culinary masterpieces - cakes, pies and not only!
Since we will not be able to taste it anyway, your cake may not be edible but made of polymer clay, cut out of paper, embroidered etc. Smiley
Send us the photo of your creation, as well as 2-3 photos of work in progress.
There should be an inscription "" on the cake or next to it in the photo. It must be part of the photo and not added in a graphic editor.


1. To participate in the contest you need to send your entry to the email address [email protected], including the name of the contest, the category number and your forums nickname in the letter title (model: Birthday2022_category_your nickname).
2. Contest entries are accepted till August 31, 2022.
3. The number of entried friom one contestant is unlimited.
4. All entries will be published on the forum after the winners are announced.
5. Entries can be withdrawn from the competition because of plagiarism or inconsistency with the format of the nomination, as will be written in this topic.
6. Lists of received entries will be published in this topic weekly.
7. The results of the contest will be announced on September 1, 2022.
8. The number of prize places is unlimited!
9. All participants will receive recognition gifts!

The entries must be sent in the proper format:
- For category 1  - a poem in any of the common text formats (txt doc docx rtf) or in the body of the letter.
- For categories 2 and 3 - images in jpg or png attached to the letter.
Attention! Entries in other formats will not be accepted for the competition, as well as poems in a picture.


List of rewards on new RPG-Club server opening in fall 2022:

1. 1-year Premium Account
2. +5 Cloak of Flames or Greenery
3. 3000 RUR

List of rewards on the existing RPG-Club servers:

1. 1-year Premium Account
2. +10 Cloak of Flames or Greenery or +10 Olf's t-shirt
3. 3000 RUR

Attention! All contest entries can be used by the administration to promote the project by publishing them on social media.
By submitting a n entry to participate in the contst, you confirm your agreement with this condition.

"Happy Birthday, RPG-Club!" - CONTEST 2022, lineage titanium, lineage 3 eternal
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